Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where to Begin

I have been thinking for a while that I wanted to start a family blog. We have so many family members, spread out all over that I thought it would be nice for there to be a way for everyone to keep up with the goings on at our house.

I kept thinking that I needed to start with an awesomely interesting first post, but nothing has really come up that has been the epitome of awesomeness in a showy fashion. Just our daily life, giving us as much joy as possible.

Today the little boys and I just had a fun day. We goofed around and did much of nothing. They played Play-doh, painted with watercolors, and wrapped up the day playing in the yard. They had a ball running around in the sprinkler. Of course they found the only patch of dirt in the yard and filled it up bucketful by bucketful with water and proceeded to play in the resulting mire. Baby boy and I watched on the porch from a safe distance.

Today I put the Jump-a-roo together for Baby Boy. He likes it....a lot. Something about bouncing around delights him. However, he didn't like J putting a hat on him and sticking an improvised sock puppet made with J's dirty sock in his face.