Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby Einstein

Do you think that if I let Baby Boy watch Baby Einstein for as long as he wants, he will turn into a genius? Seriously, the kid would watch it all. day. long. If I let him. t the rate he is going, genius status can not be far away.

I discovered at a very early age he is TV addicted. The first thing he wiggled his little body around to pay attention to was not my attentive, smiling, baby-talking self, but the TV.

TV-1 Mom-0

At the tender age of 3 months, he managed to rotate his little body around in a circle, a la The 3 Stooges, to peer inquistively at Dora instead of forming synapses from the stimulation of the infant activity mat that I painstakingly chose from it's, ahem, educational value.

TV-2 Mom-0

Now today I am cleaning like a woman possessed because school starts in 2 days and I know my house won't be cleaned again until Christmas break. Well, maybe Thanksgiving break. Let's think positively. :) I decide to put Baby DaVinci in, even though it clearly states 9 months and up. Hello, Baby Boy is an advanced TV watcher. I have now proceeded to let him watch it 3 times. He is bouncing away in his bouncy seat, contently talking to the Einstein puppets. Meanwhile, I have

1- folded 2 loads of clothes

2-matched up a basketful of socks

3-directed the pressure washing of the back porch

4-kept The Wild Indian from 'working out' on the big boys' Soloflex

5-washed the dishes

6-changed the sheets in the big boys' room

7-kept The Wild Indian from using the pressure washer to 'dig for worms'

8-swept and mopped the kitchen and dining room

9-posted this entry

TV-2 Mom-10 (for using said TV to it's full potential)

Believe it or not, ALL the little boys like Baby Wordsworth. Don't believe me? I have proof, see below.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

6 months old

I guess when he can do this...'s time to stop sleeping in the bassinet. C'mon kid, slow down. One minute you are swaddled in the thing and the next minute you are actively chewing on the side. So, it's officially the crib for you from now on.

It puts me in a melancholy mood to know the last baby has left my bedroom.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Red Kool Aid

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you spilled a packet of red Kool-Aid in the floor? You don't want to know!

The Wild Indian cut open a package of Cherry KoolAid to 'make himself' and spilled in all in the kitchen floor. In his attempt to to cover up his little problem, he tried to wipe it up with the dish sponge.


Between the 6 sinkfuls of mop water that turned red and the boxful of CheezeIts JT dumped on the living room and practiced jumping in while I was in the midst of the 6 sinkfulls of mop water, I have accomplished nothing today. The good news? JT has flying, two-footed jumping down pat. sigh.

The only little boy I am not ready to give away today would be this one.

Baby Boy had his 6 month check up yesterday. He already weighs 18 pounds! I can't believe he is growing up so fast.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


July is a birthday month in our household. Daddy's birthday comes first, rapidly followed by D's.
I set aside my anxiety and let the Wild Indian decorate his Dad's cake. It makes me shudder!!! We also HAD to decorate the house. So in lieu of the very interesting idea's the Wild Indian had for decorations, I pulled out the Happy Birthday pennants and we came to an agreement.
D's only request was blue crabs for his birthday dinner. Of course, there were none to be found on his actual birthday, so we had them a different day. Something about blue crabs that were caught that morning and watermelon for dessert just says SUMMER.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Crack Kills....but it's cute when you're 2!

While playing in the backyard yesterday, JT couldn't manage to keep his britches up. I kept yelling, "Pull your pants up, man!" and he would promptly yank up on the sides, leaving his cheeks hanging out. Hey, at least he was trying.