Thursday, August 5, 2010


It has been soooooo incredibly hot this summer. The farthest they have gotten from the AC this week has been trips to the back porch to blow bubbles. Really, it is too hot to do much of anything outdoors, even the fun park pool. I am bribing the kids with a pool trip tomorrow IF they help get their room clean today. I have high hopes :)

This has been one busy summer. It seems I have accomplished much of nothing. Repaint the house project= epic fail. Get organized project=epic fail. The big thing I did get done was getting my pesky gallbladder out. I feel so much better. I highly recommend gallbladder removal :) In my extremely incoherent, relaxation cocktail state, I asked them to save my stones so that I could show my mom. Now I have a pee cup full of gallbladder stones. What do I do with them now? Jewelry has already been suggested.

During our hot, hot summer stuck in the AC, I have been making observations. I thought I'd share a couple. When a toddler runs, they look like a person doing an over the top impression of a drunken, gay man running. Apparently, 20 pairs of underwear are not enough to last a 3 year old 2 days, because you are supposed to change them every. single. time. you go to the bathroom.

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