Sunday, April 1, 2012

Alphabet Soup

While we are talking birthdays....I guess I probably should live up to my New Year's Resolution and post Baby Boy's 3rd birthday party. Seeing as how this party was in January! I wanted to do something easy and different. We went to a local paint your own pottery place, Color Me Happy.  The boys love going there and when we went over Christmas break I had the idea to have his party there. They gave each child the letters in their name to paint. After they fired them and wired them together, I picked them up and delivered them. I didn't even have to make favor bags! I LOVED going home and having nothing to clean up!!! He was so excited before the party, but it was overwhelming to be the center of attention. He ended up crying and being held by someone the whole time. He did NOT like having Happy Birthday sand to him. Silly boy!
 Cute alphabet birthday shirt from curious georgia on Etsy.

 Painters hard at work!

 Poor JT had more letters than anyone, so Mama ended up helping!
He was so perseverant.

 Birthday cupcakes!

 My favorite picture of the day! 

 The party goers!

His favorite present.

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